Stream: The Big Pink, ‘How Far We’ve Come’ (feat. Io Echo)

The Big Pink
The Big Pink

U.K. electro-charged shoegazers the Big Pink, the brainchild of singer-guitarist-programmer Robbie Furze — won’t make their self-appointed deadline of having a new album in 2017, but they do have a guitartastic new song featuring Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and singer Ioanna Gika of Io Echo.

The Big Pink, best known for the single “Dominos” off their 2009 debut “A Brief History of Love,” conceived “How Far We’ve Come” in London during a writing session with Io Echo. “Somehow I managed to take it for my new record,” Furze says. “When we started getting into the full production of this track with Jon Gilbert in L.A., I was lucky to have Nick Zinner join the mix and add the most amazing wall of guitars.”

The song, which will open the Big Pink’s forthcoming third album, will be released as a single on L.A.’s Blank City Records, which has the distinction of making flexi-discs on X-rays. There will be a limited run of vinyl as well.

And it will come out on Monday — an “alternative” Record Store Day that Blank City is calling “Blue Monday.” From noon to 8 p.m. Monday, and in conjunction with local indie labels such as the Chain Letter Collective and Lolipop Records, Blank City will host a pop-up store at its Echo Park headquarters. A statement from the label says: “Blank City Records continues its support of all things local and giving a community to those labels shut out of the once-independent-inspired Record Store Day, which has now become dominated by major labels.”

Marc Sallis (The Duke Spirit, the Bulls, the Saint James Society), Blank City’s co-founder, adds: “Our ‘Blue Monday’ event isn’t about not supporting Record Store Day and our local independent record stores. It’s a reaction to feeling shut out of that once brilliant independent event by the major labels who are flooding the market with vinyl and pushing their way to the front of the printing presses, which is sending the indie artists and labels to the back of the line and creating delays to their releases. As much as we love many major artists, does the world really need another overpriced Hendrix or Metallica reissue? This certainly isn’t how RSD started out, so we’d like to take it back to its original indie roots for a day.”

||| Stream: “How Far We’ve Come” (feat. Io Echo)

||| Live: The Big Pink headline the Echo on Dec. 17, joined by the Saint James Society, Pair of Arrows and more. Tickets.