Photos: Sports at the Teragram Ballroom

Sports at the Teragram Ballroom November 30th, 2017. Photos by Michelle Shiers

Oklahoma indie-pop quartet Sports performed at the Teragram Ballroom on Thursday night, taking the stage in moody lighting wearing shining silver cloaks and beginning their set with “Manicure” and “Someone You’d Rather Be Dating,” from 2016’s “People Can’t Stop Chillin.” Helmed by brothers Jacob and Christian Theriot, the band named themselves ironically, after their lack of athleticism, but possibly more ironic is the idea of trying to gain success in a band that nobody can google.

Although the brothers have been making music with vocalist Cale Chronister since grade school, it wasn’t until 2015 that they settled on Sports. Now with two full-length albums under their belt, they’re touring behind their ’80s influenced electro-pop throughout the U.S. Their dreamy synths and stringed, crystal bead-curtain backdrops put their audience in a bit of a welcomed trance, especially during the retro groove of their single “Crime.” They moved through one song to the next, rarely stopping for pleasantries except to mention what luck it was to make it to L.A. after their van broke down. They closed their 11-song set with “Gotta Know Better” and “You Are The Right One.”

Sports were supported by pop artists Yeek and Soft Glas.

Photos by Michelle Shiers