Photos: Slothrust, And the Kids and SLUGS at the Echo

Slothrust at the Echo (Photo by Samuel C. Ware)
Slothrust at the Echo (Photo by Samuel C. Ware)

Massachusetts rockers Slothrust roared through the Echo on Friday night, mixing songs from their 2016 album “Everyone Else” with select tracks from their covers album “Show Me How You Want It to Be,” just out on L.A.’s Dangerbird Records. Included was the headbanging cover of Britney Spears’ “… Baby One More Time.” The crowd reacted well to the band’s heavier take on ’90s grunge, moshing throughout their entire set and singing along to Leah Wellbaum’s powerful lyrics.

The show opened with L.A.-based SLUGS, with thumping grunge led by the soft vocals of Marissa Longstreet. Next up was the young trio And the Kids from Western Massachusetts, who brought an energetic mix of pop-grunge-punk, featuring a multi-instrumentalist behind the drums, who played keys and xylophone at some points in their set.

Slothrust plays again Sunday at the Constellation Room.

Photos by Samuel C. Ware