Video: Ether Feather, ‘Kiss The Earth’

Ether Feather (photo by Magdalena Wosinka)

Ether Feather‘s “Kiss The Earth” video sheds new light on what it means to be a tortured writer, as drummer/singer Dylan Ryan plays a writer who gets mixed up in a murder, beaten up and tormented by thugs who destroy his typewriter before forcing him to dig his own grave. Things take a surprising turn when Ryan changes outfits and brushes his hair. Director Matt Hewitt says, “Dylan and I were definitely inspired by the early ’90s-style thriller. The plot and mood was referencing movies like ‘Unlawful Entry’ and ‘Sliver,’ something of a desert-bound ‘Judgment Night’ homage. We definitely wanted to create a video that Michael Douglas or Eric Roberts could have starred in. And, of course, by the end of the piece it becomes a full-bore Seagal movie, a la ‘Out for Justice’ or ‘Above the Law.’” Ryan says the song itself was inspired lyrically by the movie “The Witch,” the arrangement of Black Sabbath’s “Faerie’s Wear Boots,” and musically by the White Zombie box set.

The new video heralds a Captain Beefheart-inspired band-name change for Ryan, who previously went by Sand. Following 2017’s EP, “Other Memory,” the trio of Ryan, Devin Hoff and Tim Young are prepping their full-length debut for 2018.

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