Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 87)

Photo by Joshua Earle via
Photo by Joshua Earle via

Manic things and mellow things and in-the-middle things on Buzz Bands LA’s Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 87). Press play to hear music from the likes of Thumpasaurus, Distractor, Mind Monogram, Bad Wave, Bekon, Born Rivals, the Habits, Dana and the Wolf, Sam Fischer, Alex Rose and more. Find the player below, along with links to all their respective posts.

Mind Monogram, “Hedberg”
Bad Wave, “Money”
Street Joy, “Party Party Everywhere”
Bekon, “Cold As Ice”
Distractor, “Video Games”
Thumpasaurus, “Mental Karate”
Moniquea, “Famous”
Sam Fischer, “Getting Older”
Joey Dosik, “Game Winner”
Alex Rose, “Grandmothers”
Whispertown, “I’m a Man”
Born Rivals, “Volca”
Kat Meoz, “Here I Wait”
Cheap Tissue, “Bag & Number”
DWNTWN, “Lonely”
The Habits, “Feeling It”
Dear Boy, “Cold Spell”
Dana and the Wolf, “Him”
Orpheo McCord, “Ghost Ship”

Also recommended, but not on Soundcloud:

The Tracks, “Hanging On”
Mourners, “American Sign Language”
Psychic Temple, “Dream Dictionary”
Joe Marson, “Lost in the Sun”
Ether Feather, “Kiss the Earth”