Stream: Kid Wave, ‘Twenty-Four’

Kid Wave (Photo by Charlie Cummings)
Kid Wave (Photo by Charlie Cummings)

Swedish singer-songwriter Lea Emmery — aka Kid Wave — spent a chunk of 2017 in Los Angeles working on music to follow up her 2015 album “Wonderlust.” That slab of indie-rock/dream-pop earned the then-London-based artist some gigs opening for the Shins; she then decamped to L.A., where besides impressing at a few local gigs, she ended up working with producer Lewis Pesacov. The new song “Twenty-Four,” out today, came from those sessions.

It’s a dancey song about the perils of being 24 — from fumbling at life lessons to making dicey relationship choices. Now back in London, Emmery explains that the song took shape in her temporary room in Chinatown, in between shifts at a nearby café, where she was working “because I had run out of money for food or rent at that point” and was saving for a plane ticket back to the U.K.

“I like the idea of having my shit together and some stability, but I definitely don’t,” the songwriter says. “I never really know where I want to be and never have. I wait for things to unravel, but they never do because by the time they might’ve, I’ve already gone somewhere else – like moving away, starting a new project, going on tour or falling in love with someone who’s just as lost as me. I feel like I suffer an unusual amount of growing pains, but it just isn’t easy for anyone, is it. … I think I’ve put myself through enough situations and emotions to fill a life’s worth of albums by now. I was only in L.A. for a little while, but I found it a great place for ‘on the border of out of order’ life experiences. There’s always some big house which belongs to someone who’s not in the country, but is house-sat by somebody you met in an Uber pool on your way back home, where you can play drums and listen to records all night.”

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