Premiere: So Many Wizards, ‘Millipede’

So Many Wizards
So Many Wizards

While most people might dispatch the creepy crawly things known as arthropods with a swat or a stomp, Nima Kazerouni has immortalized his many-legged friend in song. The new So Many Wizards single “Millipede” is an ode to “an actual millipede that inhabited my bedroom for a whole year, revealing itself every once in a while, before quickly going into hiding until finally we moved from that house,” the songwriter says. It’s another dose of jangle-pop — though not quite as lo-fi — from a quartet that sometimes finds humor in unlikely places. What twinkles more, “Millipede’s” guitars or the chorus, “I think the walk would do me good?” The song, out next Friday, was written during during the sessions for the quartet’s latest album, “Heavy Vision,” which came out last April. They finished it with producer Scott Barber at his Echo Park studio.

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