Buzz Bands LA Show, today at noon (new time slot) on Indie FM

The Independent FM

Our little internet get-together, the weekly Buzz Bands LA Show, is on the move. We have a new time slot on The Independent FM: noon on Fridays, an hour later than we previously convened.

So join me at noon for two hours of L.A. music, and perhaps meet some new artists. Included today are new songs from Western Scene, Olivia Kaplan, Gliss, Philip Glenn, Leeann Skoda, National Sins, Swimsuit Issue, Lo Moon and Glaare. Find an archive of the show and the playlist below; click here to stream the show at noon.

Western Scene, “Strange But True”
Swimsuit Issue, “Look Now”
De Lux, “875 Dollars”
WARGIRL, “Little Girl”
Cosmos & Creature, “Ride the Wave”
STAL, “Fresh Blood”
Glaare, “Desiree”
WOWWS, “Forget Your Finery”
Gliss, “My Lie”
Doctrin, “Show You the Way”
Van William, “Cosmic Sign”
National Sins, “All That Hurt”
Lone Kodiak, “Calm Down”
The Black Pine, “And the Sea”
Brett, “Doll”
BORNS, “Supernatural”
Olivia Kaplan, “Barely Above”
Mind Monogram, “Hedberg”
Mt. Joy, “Silver Lining”
Philip Glenn, “June Apple / Outsider”
Leeann Skoda, “Heat of the Day”
The Coals, “Better Days”
The Tracks, “Hanging On”
Missions, “Stay Gone”
Rows, “Parachute”
Livingmore, “Strange Hopefuls”
SPELLES, “Light Me on Fire”
The Flusters, “Everyday Dreaming”
Royaljag, “Afterglow”
We the Dreamers, “The World Chokes Up”
Lo Moon, “Real Love”
Dana and the Wolf, “Him”
Joey Dosik, “Competitive Streak”