Video: De Lux, ‘Keyboards Cause We’re Black And White’

De Lux

“We like to say ‘Voyage’ was our baby, ‘Generation’ was our baby all grown up and ‘More Disco Songs About Love’ thinks growing up sucks and just wants to party smart,” say Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco of dance-punk duo De Lux. Arriving January 19 on Innovative Leisure, their third album’s production was inspired by video games, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. They asked friends and family to give input on their songs throughout the process, much like video game focus groups, to get an objective point of view. As for for Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, they wanted the vocals to guide the melody, while keeping their rhythm sections steady and driving. Thematically, love mingled with humor runs through the album. Love of a house, love of music, money and, in the case of “Keyboards Cause We’re Black And White,” love for a friend. Watch two girls dance-fight their way across Los Angeles in the Zack Bernstein-directed music video.

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