Stream: The Radio Dept., ‘Your True Name’

The Radio Dept.
The Radio Dept.

Newly liberated from their former label Labrador, Swedish indie luminaries The Radio Dept. (Johan Duncanson and Martin Larsson) revisit their original laid-back college rock sound in their new single, “Your True Name,” released on their own independent label Just So! Signaling an optimistic outlook on the future ahead, the band explains, “‘Your True Name’ is a song about faith in a way, not divine but utopian, believing in something that will probably never be. And it’s about falling short, sometimes with your goal just barely out of reach.”

Even falling short by the Radio Dept.’s standards means landing straight on our hearts with “Your True Name’s” burst of casually beautiful melodies with a punchy beat. The single is the follow-up to the duo’s 2016 album “Running Out of Love,” their fourth full-length. It arrives with the news that their debut album, 2003’s “Lesser Matters,” is being reissued on vinyl and will be available on the band’s upcoming tour.

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