Premiere: Avid Dancer, ‘Little Bird’

Avid Dancer
Avid Dancer

As Avid Dancer, Jacob Dillan Summers has a penchant for indelible pop melodies, a vocal delivery that conveys both wonderment and romance and subtly shifting his nuanced, retro sound depending on who’s in the room with him. The single he releases today, “Little Bird,” the third since Avid Dancer’s 2015 full-length “1st Bath,” was made with producer Andrew Heringer (ex-Milo Greene) in Beachwood Canyon. Shimmering with ’60s pop innocence, it’s a gently orchestrated psych-pop gem flashing like desaturated images in an old 8mm movie.

“I wrote this song after a series of tours: Reflecting on how many people I had met along the way,” Summer says. “Maybe we had a short and honest connection for just a moment. Maybe it was a person I bought a coffee from and shared a genuine, ‘I-could-know-you’ smile. Then, you know — off to the next place. All the people I’d see, like birds in the park: They just fly away to live their lives. To where? Who knows? Not even them.”

Celebrate their flight.

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