Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 90)

Photo by Richard Gatley via
Photo by Richard Gatley via

Weekends are for good times and mixtapes. Here’s our Saturday swarm of songs — Greatest Hits … This Week, Vol. 90, featuring new music from Launder, Dear Boy, Low Hum, Lord Huron, EasyFriend, Avid Dancer, Sky Keller, Parade of Lights, Western Scene, Pinky Pinky, SAIGO, Foxtrails and many more artists featured recently on Buzz Bands LA’s pages. Enjoy, and check the links to posts about those artists below.

||| Stream: Greatest Hits …. This Week (Vol. 90)

Avid Dancer, “Little Bird”
Dear Boy, “Love Interest”
Ruby Friedman, “Un4GvN”
Launder, “Fade”
EasyFriend, “Create Yourself”
Glaare, “Desiree”
Lord Huron, “Ancient Names (Part I)”
Low Hum, “Nebraska”
Western Scene, “Strange But True”
Former Faces, “Forc# Fi#lds”
Sky Keller, “Don’t Get It”
Parade of Lights, “Tidal Waves”
Pinky Pinky, “Hot Tears”
SAIGO, “The Other”
Dylan Dunlap, “Microphones & Lights”
Foxtrails, “Barnyard”
Of1000Faces, “MMDDYYYY” (feat Brandon Robbins)
L.A. Law, “Hiatus”

We also recommend (but not available on Soundcloud):

Dorothy, “Flawless”
Gliss, “My Lie”
Modern Time Machines, “High Noon”
Nostalghia, “Little White Moment”