Video: The Birth Defects, ‘Endless Pain’

The Birth Defects
The Birth Defects

Maybe you’ve had a bad day at work. Maybe you don’t have work. Maybe Tuesday night’s televised speech made you feel like an aural assault was the only salve. Anyway, the Birth Defects are here to help. The title of the L.A. quartet’s sophomore album is “Everything Is Fine,” but that’s sarcasm, ya get it? If not, there is the music from singer-guitarist Jason Finazzo and his band of mayhem-making merry men: Philip Nielsen (bass), Anthony Drinkwater (drums) and Tim Dawson (guitar). The album, produced by Ty Segall and out via Ghost Ramp, gives no quarter. Heads will bang, ears will bleed and teeth will rattle. Oh, and as director Ben Pope’s video for the song “Endless Pain” indicates, eyes will roll back in the head … although not quite in the same way eyes rolled during Tuesday night’s televised speech.

||| Watch: The video for “Endless Pain”

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||| Live: The Birth Defects celebrate their album release with a show tonight at the Echo. Tickets. They will also be performing Sunday, March 4, at the Air + Style festival.

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