Stream: Guards, ‘Destroyer’

Guards in November 2015 (Photo by Rayana Chumthong)
Guards in November 2015 (Photo by Rayana Chumthong)

A lot has happened since bicoastal trio Guards released their debut album “In Guards We Trust,” five years ago this week. Guards’ Richie Follin and Loren Humphrey revived the Willowz for a 2017 album that was their first in eight years. Follin released singles with his sister Madeline (of Cults) as Follin. Follin became a dad, moved back to his native West Coast and signed on to play in Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi’s side project CRX. Busy? So much so that the band even let the domain expire.

Guards last released music in 2014 (a single), but they returned last week with the new single “Destroyer,” a glam-tinted synth-rocker that is about either 1) these harsh political times, 2) the bad guy in a video game, or 3) The Man, in general. “You’re the man on my back I been sent to attack / You’re the snake in the tree, you’re the evil in me,” Follin sings, lamenting these “criminal times.” All hail the “electric warrior.”

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