Stream: Deronda, ‘Perfect Chair’


If you’re into exuberant ’80s synth-pop — and if you’ve been waiting forever for that magnificent ode to a piece of furniture — look no further than “Perfect Chair,” the latest single from L.A. trio Deronda. The band started a couple years ago when singer-guitarist Gabe Hernandez challenged himself to write a song a week. Those tunes started piling up on Soundcloud, a mix of styles from psych-rock and glam to electronic pop. Now joined by drummer Jim Miller and bassist Alyssa Sanders, Deronda has designs on its first formal release, an EP due in March. At its outset, “Perfect Chair” is likely the first dance tune that’s an ode to being sedentary. “Now I feel that my life’s complete / I’m never giving up this seat,” declares Hernandez, who by the end feels a little differently.

||| Stream: “Perfect Chair”

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