Video: Z Berg, ‘I Fall for the Same Face Every Time’

Z Berg

Z Berg has a pretty clear vision of her music aesthetic. She says, “If Laura Palmer didn’t die … And Roman Polanski made a movie about her twenties, scored by Andre Previn, with lyrics by Scott Walker, sung by Dusty Springfield.” She’s looking nostalgically at her own twenties in releasing a video for “I Fall For The Same Face Every Time,” a song that originally surfaced as a solo acoustic number in 2013, back when her pop band Phases was still going by the name JJAMZ. Now with more fleshed out instrumentation, the song was re-recorded with Ethan Gruska serving as producer, offering the first taste of a full-length album on the horizon boasting contributions from Blake Mills, Patrick Warren, Johnathan Rice, Madison Cunningham and Phoebe Bridgers. The single is out today on Metropolitan Indian, and the video, directed by Dominic Haydn Rawle, stars the actual subject of the song, guitarist Ryan Ross (Panic! At The Disco, The Young Veins).


||| Watch: “I Fall For The Same Face Every Time”

||| Live: Z Berg performs Feb. 8 at the Lodge Room with Blake Mills, Jonathan Rice, Ethan Gruska, Madison Cunningham, and Malcom McRae. Tickets