Premiere: Dream Machines, ‘Colors’

Dream Machines
Dream Machines

Where some artists merely recycle the sounds of decades past, Los Angeles quintet Dream Machines truly revives — their update of the dance and soul music of the 1970s and ’80s, combined with their spectacularly theatrical performances, is all love and adrenaline. Best to check your inhibitions at the door for their new single “Colors” (out today), the band’s third since releasing their debut EP, “Stay the Night,” in 2016.

“‘Colors’ is a song about self-identity and self-confidence in the face of anxiety and growth,” they say of the new single, which, like much of Dream Machines’ disco dynamite, charges ahead on synth, sax and smarts. The band, built around the songwriting duo of singer-guitarist Harry May Kline and bassist-keyboardist Luke Burba, is equally adept at the grandiose ballads from the dance-pop era. But here, joined by Molly WK’s vocals and propelled by Travis Bunn’s drumming and Matt Brown’s saxophone, they romp merrily toward a bridge in which May Kline, his falsetto clear, asks, “Can you even see my colors?” The answer is yes … yes, we can. And they are bright.

||| Stream: “Colors”

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||| Live: Dream Machines open for Tickle Torture on Feb. 15 at the Bootleg Theater. Tickets. They also headline the Moroccan Lounge on March 15. Tickets.