Buzz Bands LA Show, today at noon on Indie FM

The Independent FM

Enjoy your long lunch with the Buzz Bands LA Show, kicking off at noon on The Independent FM. I’ll have new music from the likes of Dream Machines, Antoine Diligent, ROSA, the Goldberg Sisters, Esbie Fonte, King Shelter, Dante Elephante, Jonny Polonsky and Todd O’Keefe, along with a bunch of recent favorites. Did we mention our new time slot as of a month ago was noon? Yeah, noon.

Click here to stream the show, and check out the archive and playlist below.

Dream Machines, “Colors”
Disco Shrine, “Up in the Air”
Antoine Diligent, “Be My Guest”
ROSA, “Stranger”
SPELLES, “Light Me on Fire”
Prismic Delight, “Candy Flip”
EELS, “Today is the Day”
Deronda, “Perfect Chair”
King Shelter, “Pick Your Poison”
Velour Afternoon, “Pleasant Enough”
The Goldberg Sisters, “The Kids Are Alwrong”
Sego, “Cigarette Kids”
Pinky Pinky, “Robber”
Lauren Ruth Ward, “Well Hell”
The Habits, “Feeling It”
Prism Tats, “Daggers”
Esbie Fonte, “Ace’s High”
Vast Asteroid, “Sick”
Gliss, “My Lie”
Teenage Wrist, “Dweeb”
Blckbx, “GRL”
Current Joys, In a Year of 13 Moons”
The Gloomies, “Space” (feat. Madeline Follin)
Royaljag, “Afterglow”
Dante Elephante, “Call Me on the Phone”
Pearl Charles, “Night Tides”
Mines Falls, “In the Rain”
Calamity the Kid, “Die Young”
Grad Party, “Speak”
Jonny Polonsky, “Fresh Flesh”
Moaning, “Don’t Go”
Todd O’Keefe, “Sentimental Fool”