Stream: Dante Elephante, ‘Call Me (on the Phone)’

Dante Elephante
Dante Elephante

There’s nothing like a little heartbreak to send a songwriter diving headlong into retro R&B. The new single penned by Dante Elephante main man Ruben Zarate leaves behind the surf- and garage-pop of the band’s 2015 album “Saxon Summer” in favor of some soulful pining. “Call Me (on the Phone), produced by Jonathan Rado of Foxygen, is the first taste of the Goleta-bred band’s new album coming later this year. Zarate says it came to him after a three-year-relationship ended and he was working on an upbeat song “about going out and having a good time.”

“Then, when I was writing the song, my ex called me while I was sitting at the piano just to ‘talk,’” he says. “It was a pretty average talk. She rambles about how she’s been since the break up and I gave short responses on how I’ve been. We hang up, I sit at the piano again, and then the first thing that came out of my mouth was ‘Call me on the phone / cause you know what it does / it says, I have to be someone I’m not.’”

Dante Elephante will be touring with Sego leading up to, and back from, dates at SXSW in Austin.

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