Premiere: The Habits, ‘Ghost’

The Habits
The Habits

Young L.A. trio the Habits give fans on both sides of the rock/pop musical aisle something to sink their teeth into with their new single “Ghost.” The band — Wolf Bradley, Andrew Macatrao and Chance Famighetti — debuted in December with “Feeling It,” a shiny bauble with a sleek chorus. On the new single, Bradley is feeling something else, though: regret. “‘Ghost’ is about a missing piece of me,” he says. “It’s about a relationship that has gone sour and drifted away. Once a relationship is over and ties are severed completely, it’s almost as if that person doesn’t exist to you and you don’t exist to them. All you have left are memories and sometimes those moments creep back into your mind, manifesting the love that was lost as a sort of ghost. Love is hard and even when the love is gone, it never stops being hard.” Lubricated by glossy synth, “Ghost” chugs its way through those memories, however uncomfortable. “I can feel the hand / on the back of my neck,” Bradley sings, and we’ve all been touched that way.

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||| Live: The Habits perform Monday, Feb. 19, at the Mint.

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