Video: CMON, ‘Celluloid’


Regal Degal’s Josh da Costa and Jamen Whitelock are exploring the experimental pop side of their “musical consciousness” with a new project called CMON, channeling their love for “(Italo) disco, new wave, (Afro) boogie, house and whatever unusual music we could get our hands on …” says da Costa. “It’s as if our band fell asleep and this is the dream it’s having.” The music breaks the constraints of guitar, bass and drums, and, da Costa adds, “We now use more instruments in our recording process, which really lifts the limits that we imposed on our songwriting. Regal was already a fantasy band to us so let’s call this a double fantasy.”

The band name was inspired by Regal Degal bandmate Josiah Wolfson’s former employment sorting records at an Alhambra storage space. Da Costa says, “There was a section of world music called Confusing Mix of Nations. When I saw it I LOLed and immediately abbreviated it to CMON, which I thought made it a great band name right off the bat; it’s very loud and inviting.” “Celluloid” is the second snappy single from their self-titled EP, presented with a video directed by Geneva Jacuzzi.

||| Watch: “Celluloid”

||| Also: “Good To Know”

|||| Live: CMON host their EP release show on March 3 at Zebulon. Tickets