Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 92)

Photo by Tyler Nash via
Photo by Tyler Nash via

OK. Deep breath. We took inventory of the songs we covered recently on Buzz Bands LA. There were a lot. We arranged them in a way we thought they’d make sense and put ’em in this Soundcloud thingy. We called it Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 92). We whipped up an “album cover.” Presto.

This is for you nice people who ask our editor, “So what have you been listening to lately?” Herein find new songs from bands with funny accents in their names — SAÍGO, RÓSA, Dang Clēts — and others like NoMBe, Youngblood Hawke, Amy Raasch, Freedom Fry, Glen Parks, Carly & the Universe, Twin Temple and Todd O’Keefe. It’s more pop-oriented this week, but we think it flows. Put your own cherry on top.

||| Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 92)

Freedom Fry, “Classic”
Glen Parks, “Show”
NoMBe, “Drama”
Amy Raasch, “Straight Boys”
Dream System 8, “Color the Stars”
Bloodboy, “Sex Crime”
Twin Temple, “Lucifer My Love”
RÓSA, “Nightmare”
The Habits, “Ghost”
SAÍGO, “Neither”
Dang Clēts, “Lines”
VOWWS, “Structure of Love”
Todd O’Keefe, “Sentimental Fool”
Carly & the Universe, “Good Vibes”
Youngblood Hawke, “Trust”
Twin Shadow, “Saturdays” (feat Haim)
Mr. Max, “Long Drive Home”
KERA, “I’m Late”
The Jacks, “She’s a Mystery”
The Millenial Club, “Love Is So Hard!”
Girlpool, “Picturesong”

Also recommended, but not on Soundcloud:

Eleni Mandell, “Don’t Forget How Good It Is”
Mondo Cozmo, “The Ballad of Vegas”
Kitten, “I Did It!”
EELS, “Today Is the Day”
The Neighbourhood, “Void”
Drinks, “Real Outside”