Video: Marlon Williams, ‘Come to Me’

Marlon Williams (Photo by Steve Gullick)
Marlon Williams (Photo by Steve Gullick)

After an unfortunate split with his lady mate last December, Kiwi Marlon Williams plunged headlong into writing and recording one of the most lush and beautiful breakup albums ever to lap up to these shores, “Make Way for Love,” released Feb. 16 on Dead Oceans. Produced and recorded by Noah Georgeson (Joanna Newsom, Little Joy, Adam Green, Devendra Barnhart and Cate Le Bon) at Panoramic Studios in Northern California after three weeks of pre-production with Williams’ frequent collaborator Ben Edwards, Williams emerges as a three-dimensional reinvention of Elvis, Roy Orbison and Sigur Rós.

The video for his latest single “Come to Me” features Williams and his backing band, The Yarra Benders (David Khan on guitar, Ben Woolley on bass and Angus Agars on drums) on a boys day out playing b-ball to let out some steam at Lyttelton Skate Park in their hometown in New Zealand. Director Martin Sagadin captures the joy of the moment and the comfort of friends (and black Labradors) in helping one get back on one’s feet.

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