Stream: Sunflower Bean, ‘Twentytwo’

Sunflower Bean (Photo by Hollie Fernando)
Sunflower Bean (Photo by Hollie Fernando)

As they kick off their tour throughout Europe and the U.S., New York indie-pop outfit Sunflower Bean (singer/bassist Julia Cumming, singer/guitarist Nick Kivlen and drummer Jacob Faber) have shared a third song, “Twentytwo,” from their upcoming sophomore album, “Twentytwo in Blue,” out on March 23 via Mom + Pop. 

Whereas the trio’s previous EP, “Show Me Your Seven Secrets” and debut album, “Human Ceremony” featured heavy influences from early R.E.M. and X within a proto-punk frame, “Twentytwo in Blue” steps forward with a bolder, more mature voice of their own. All of 22 years of age, the band members have a good head on their shoulders as they begin to address what’s on a lot of younger people’s minds lately. Said Kivlen, “I can’t imagine any artist of our ilk making a record and not have it be seen through the lens of the political climate of 2016 and 2017.” Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Jacob Portrait joined “Human Ceremony” producer Matt Molnar (of Friends) to midwife the band’s sound into full adulthood. 

On “Twentytwo” Cummings croons, “Independent, that’s how you view yourself now that you’re twenty-two, twenty-two. If I could do it I would stay young for you,” wishing she could “unwrong all his wrongs” and vowing “I do not go quietly into the night that calls me, even when I’m alone.”

||| Stream: “Twentytwo”

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