Stream: CHVRCHES, ‘My Enemy’

CHVRCHES (Photo by Danny Clinch)
CHVRCHES (Photo by Danny Clinch)

Scottish pop trio CHVRCHES this week announced that their third album, “Love Is Dead,” will be out May 25. With the news came the new single “My Enemy,” which features Matt Berninger of the National swapping exasperation with CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry’s pleading to continue beyond blind love if only they could both “start remembering the time that’s used up.”

The perfect end-of-love duet, “My Enemy” documents the disintegration of a relationship where two people consider whether there is a path forward once jealousy, coldness and vanity get in the way. Berninger’s side is as fried as bacon, Mayberry’s side is willing to continue in the pain with a window of hope that things will turn around. 

It’s among the explorations the Scottish synth-pop trio (Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty) dive into on their third album. “We live in a time where the death of empathy is pretty evident. You turn on the news and see story after story about how selfish and unkind people are, but also stories of strength and resilience and resistance. How do we deal with both those things?” says Mayberry. The Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart mentored them throughout the writing of “Love is Dead.” Steve Mac co-produced the song “Miracle,” and Greg Kurstin (Adele, Sia) produced eight of the 12 tracks.

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