Stream: Dead Meadow, ‘Nobody Home’

Dead Meadow

With the release of their eighth album, “The Nothing They Need,” Steve Kille and Jason Simon commemorate Dead Meadow‘s 20th anniversary with eight songs featuring everyone who has contributed to their music over the years. This includes guitarist Cory Shane and all three of their drummers — Mark Laughlin, Stephen McCarty and current bandmate Juan Londono. The album was recorded in Dead Meadow’s studio/rehearsal space, The Wiggle Room, and came out Friday on Xemu Records. “I think there is a touch of apocalyptic vibes to the new album,” says Kille. While “there is so much rhetoric and negative energy in the bigger picture of the world … in the small world of people I know and we meet on tour everyone is still just as optimistic, though it gets harder every day. I think a lot of the album’s lyrics mirror that sentiment.”

Perhaps pointing to that glimmer of hope, Simon says “Nobody Home” is about “the joy of being alone in solitary places.” It’s got all the proto-metal inspired qualities that have sustained Dead Meadow’s sound over time, gritty riffs, fuzz-covered peaks, and solos that glorify the wondrous nature of the wah pedal.

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