Video: D.A. Stern, ‘Bluedgenes’

D.A. Stern

D.A. Stern has signed to Slumberland Records, who will re-release his 2017 album, “Aloha Hola” on March 30. Recorded in his mom’s New Jersey basement before he moved to Los Angeles, Stern credits backgammon, crossword puzzles, Albert and Mel Brooks and his time working as engineer in Beastie Boy Adam Yauch’s recording studio as the forces that catapulted his debut album. The video for “Bluedgenes” celebrates one of his favorite things, baseball, and, apparently, all the ass-slapping that goes with the sport. His team’s talents include eating hot dogs and drinking wine, which pairs nicely with this lighthearted, guitar-happy song about hand-me-down jeans.

||| Watch: “Bluedgenes”

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