Stream: Nedelle Torrisi, ‘Rich Kid’s World’

Nedelle Torrisi (photo by Billy Uomo)

Nedelle Torrisi’s singular take on modern r&b shines radiantly on “Rich Kid’s World,” a dreamy song announcing her new album of serene synth-pop, “Only For You,” being released May 18 by Frenchkiss Records. It joins last November’s single, “Love To The Limit,” delivering more of that smooth-jam romance the self-made love guru delivered on her 2015 record, “Advice From Paradise.” That album initially saw the light in 2013, which makes “Only For You” her first full-length of new songs in five years. Co-produced by Billy Uomo of Babes, Torrisi began writing the record during a year she followed a lover to San Francisco and tried out law school. The end of that life experiment brought her back to Los Angeles with renewed energy to “channel a wiser, tougher version of myself into soulful songs that are both hot and sweet.”

While Torrisi plays keys, guitar, and violin on the album, and Uomo played and programmed the drums, a few more special guests contributed to “Only For You,” including Jeremy Gara of Arcade Fire, the band Inc., who produced the track “Good Love,” and  Kenny Gilmore (who produced “Advice From Paradise”) returned to produce songs “Show Me Your Face” and “Vision of Love,” and mix the whole record with Beck’s David Greenbaum.

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