L.A. Buzz Bands Show, tonight at 9 on 88.5 FM


Join me at 9 tonight for the L.A. Buzz Bands Show, your weekly dose of local music on 88.5 FM (streaming at 88.5FM.org). I’ll have new music from Joachim Cooder, Lost Beach, Nightmare Air, Ben Jaffe, the Caracals, the Blank Tapes and more, along with notes about upcoming shows, releases and whether everybody we know has escaped to Austin for the week.

Click here to tune in at 9 if you’re out of FM range; find the playlist below.

Lost Beach, “Close Call”
Nightmare Air, “Strange Things”
Joachim Cooder, “Everyone Sleeps in the Light”
Lauren Ruth Ward, “Sideways”
Mt. Joy, “I’m Your Wreck”
The Caracals, “In the Dark”
Ben Jaffe, “Susan the Cat”
Lone Kodiak, “Every Last Good Thing” (Living Room Edition)
Dorothy, “We Are Stars”
The Blank Tapes, “I’m Thinking About You”
Sam Morrow, “Paid by the Mile”
NoMBe, “Drama”
RĂ“SA, “Don’t Force It”
Avid Dancer, “Little Bird”
Teenage Wrist, “Daylight”