Video: Winter, ‘High School’

Winter (photo by Benjamin Askinas)

With “High School,” Samira Winter introduces her new album, “Ethereality,” the follow-up to 2015’s full-length debut “Supreme Blue Dream.” Out April 6 on her own label, Everything Blue Records, the album features two previously heard tracks, “Alligator” and “Zoey,” along with eight more songs recorded at Comp-ny in Glendale with Drew Fisher. Former bandmate Nolan Eley mixed the tracks. Musically, Winter cites inspiration from Weezer’s self-titled album and “Pinkerton,” “as well as post-rock, ambient and shoegaze bands like Starflyer 59 and Explosions In The Sky. As for subject matter, the songs each hold a memory that nourish Winter’s inner child.

“When I was writing these songs I wasn’t thinking about playing them live or recording them,” she says. “At that moment they were just for me, like a diary entry that gave me so much excitement.” With a nostalgic, at times wistful, look at her formative experiences, the songs describe “friendships in college (‘Alligator’), my lovely pet Zoey, a boyfriend that showed me the world of shoegaze (‘Sunshine Devine’) and that cathartic feeling of sadness and beauty that’d I’d like to call ‘ethereality.’”

Right now, Winter is running a fan-funding campaign for the album, offering incentives that include limited edition pink vinyl, solo living room performances, one-on-one time with her cat Zoey and even a Portuguese lesson from the Brazil-born songwriter.

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