Premiere: Cusi Coyllur, ‘Blank Space’

Cusi Coyllur (Photo by Art Jefferson)
Cusi Coyllur (Photo by Art Jefferson)

Cusi Coyllur is the name for the music of Shannen Roberts, a experimental pop musician, self-help advocate, zine editor and yoga instructor. She chose the name in honor of an Inca princess, a nod to her Peruvian heritage. Roberts is also a fan of Genevieve Artadi and her experimental band KNOWER — in fact, the new Cusi Coyllur single was written with Artadi in mind. Roberts wrote the song after seeing Artadi perform some years ago, with the idea that Artadi would sing it. When they met up in person, though, Artadi convinced Roberts to sing it herself. The song is a starburst of vocals and rhythms that features Zach Kibbee on bass, Shai Golan on saxophone, Sam Sobo on drums and — yes — Artadi on backing vocals. “‘Blank Space’ is about one person in a relationship trying to get the other to communicate,” Robert explains. “No matter how urgent the situation, the partner says nothing and is ‘numb to the hurricane.’” The song appears on Cusi Coyllur’s debut EP, “Bipolar Lovers in Love,” out this month.

||| Stream: “Blank Space”

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||| Live: Cusi Coyllur celebrates her EP release with a show March 25 at Rec Center (1142 E. 11th St), along with Mini Bear and ¡Aparato!