Stream: Highland Kites, ‘Not Your Hero’

Highland Kites
Highland Kites

The most self-sabotaging expectation of all is the notion you can be everything someone wants you to be. So goes Highland Kites’ new “Not Your Hero,” the second strong single from the L.A. indie trio (Marissa Lamar, Neil Briggs and Alex Edwards) since they released their EP “I’m Not Weak” last summer.

“It’s about not being able to be everything someone wanted me to be and the feeling of relief once the weight of it all was lifted off my shoulders,” Lamar explains. “It’s a bit sad lyrically, but I wanted to capture that feeling of relief in the musical elements of the song, while the lyrics linger on the contemplation and regret of not being able to live up to every expectation. It’s really about deciding to let it go and let myself live again with the knowledge that you can’t be a hero in the eyes of everyone.”

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