Video premiere: Enola Fall, ‘Vestigial Tail’

Enola Fall (Photo by Marian Blythe)
Enola Fall (Photo by Marian Blythe)

Whether dealing in kinetic alternative rock or arching pop anthems, Enola Fall play the most likable of miserablists. Their songs acknowledge the gloom without suffocating in it, point the way to redemption, or at least relief, and deliver a jolt of catharsis on the way. And so it is with the band’s heavy new song “Vestigial Tail.”

The song, from the band’s forthcoming album “Bloodhound,” arrives with a Lynchian video that touches on death, addiction, magic and obsessions. The video is a collaboration between German producer Patrick Grzanna, filmmaker Natalie Plaskura and songwriter Joe Nuttall. “In my work as a filmmaker I love to create small aesthetic universes, giving the spectators enough space to interpret and unfold their own feelings,” Plaskura says. “Anything can be an inspiration; a person, a moment, even a sound. Hearing this song, I had immediately images on my mind, which was the spark to start the development of this dark tale.”

As for Enola Fall, Nuttall and bandmate Mark Woodward have relocated to Los Angeles from their home of Hobart in the Australian state of Tasmania (that’s a tick short of 8,000 miles from here) to prepare for the release of “Bloodhound,” the follow-up to their 2015 album “Heliotropic.”

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||| Live: Enola Fall play a free show tonight at Harvard & Stone, along with Holy Water Buffalo and Polish Club. They open for the Catching on Wednesday at the Whisky. And they play May 2 at the Study along with Georgi Kay. Tickets.