Video premiere: Summer Twins, ‘Dream Girl’

Summer Twins
Summer Twins

Riverside-bred Summer Twins have come a long way since their rough-edged first release on Burger Records six years ago. The shimmering confessional “Dream Girl” is but one example.

It’s the first new music since the 2015 album “Limbo” from the band built around sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown, the duo having spent the better part of the past year playing guitar and bass, respectively, in the band Winter. The achingly languorous “Dream Girl” is a throwback to the heartsick, orchestrated girl-group pop of long ago. Andrew Kingslow plays organ on the song, and Yvette Nacer and Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez the violin, with Chelsea (guitar/vocals) and Justine (drums) man their usual stations.

Chelsea conceived the video, which was shot by Lindsey Mejia at Leo Carillo Beach and Joshua Tree. “I chose to shoot in vast, desolate environments to portray the lonely aftermath of a lost love,” Chelsea says. “In the video, I’m lost in the dream world wandering through grief, on a solo mission to find my way to acceptance.”

On a less serious note, nobody was swallowed by the surf during the making of this video.

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