Ears Wide Open: Rebecca Schiffman

Rebecca Schiffman (Photo by Tabor Allen)

New York-reared Rebecca Schiffman has an interesting backstory that involves debilitating OCD, a doll that haunted her through childhood, a naked road trip that landed her on the cover of Vice, painting portraits of intellectuals and making chain mail jewelry for Grimes, Neko Case and a train station. Schiffman’s OCD was so severe she mostly lived with her parents until age 30. Now residing in Los Angeles, she is about to drive herself around the country for a solo tour.

Having learned cello and piano as a child, Schiffman picked up guitar when an uncle left one for the family after passing away. She has three albums under her belt, “Upside Down Lacrimosa” (2003), “To Be Good for a Day” (2009), produced by Mike Musmanno, who produced two Lilys albums, and her third, self-titled, album came out in 2016, produced by Money Mark (Beck, Beastie Boys) and featuring an appearance by Nels Cline. This month, Schiffman will release two singles produced by ex-GIRLS guitarist John MF Anderson, the first of which is “Song For A Writer,” a light stroll of a song with an existential boost. Recommended for someone who needs a reminder that their moment hasn’t passed.

||| Stream: “Song for a Writer”

||| Live: Rebecca Schiffman performs at Gnar Tapes on June 13. Info