Stream: Laura Jean Anderson, ‘Love You Most’

Laura Jean Anderson (Photo by Kaia D'alora)
Laura Jean Anderson (Photo by Kaia D'alora)

Laura Jean Anderson dials back her formidable voice from white-hot to an orange-yellow glow for “Love You Most,” her second single of 2018. In late March, the L.A.-based native of Olympia, Wash., announced the new chapter of her songwriting career with the scorching empowerment anthem “Silence Won’t Help Me Now.” Strings and warm keys accent the tasteful production on Anderson’s new torch song. “This song is about someone I loved who was with someone else,” she explains. “I wrote it when traveling, as my mind began spiraling down a rabbit hole of all the irrational things I would do to win them over. Though the song feels light hearted, as if happily in love, it is actually a reflection of deep heartbreak and denial. In life, I often feel like I can’t spit out the words I want to say, but in song, I can do and say anything that I want, spilling out my darkest desires.”

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