Chinatown Summer Nights: Cosmos & Creature, Hamish Anderson, Iconique and more on July 28

Cosmos & Creature (Photo by Jennica Mae)
Cosmos & Creature (Photo by Jennica Mae)

Cosmos & Creature, the pop duo of Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore, return to the Live Music Stage at Chinatown Summer Nights on July 28 on a lineup that features Australian singer-songwriter Hamish Anderson, L.A. duo Inspired and the Sleep and Brooklyn rapper Rosehardt.

Also playing the free night at Mandarin Plaza (970 N. Broadway) are Iconqiue, Krys Wright and La Louma.

On the KCRW stage at Chinatown’s Central Plaza that night will be DJs Mathieu Schreyer and Anthony Valadez.

Just before Burnette and Moore started collaborating as Cosmos & Creature in 2016, the duo played a joint set under their own names at Chinatown’s Chinese New Year Festival. The July Live Music Stage was curated by Kensington Presents.

Set times:

5PM: La Louma
6PM: Cosmos & Creature
7PM: Krys Wright
8PM: Iconique
9PM: Hamish Anderson
10PM: Rosehardt
11PM: Inspired and The Sleep