Video: Ward, ‘Stand Me’

Ward (Photo by Tousher)
Ward (Photo by Tousher)

Ever stay up working with your head down at your computer or project all night only to stretch up at the end and see that the night sky has brightened to dawn? The mononymous Ward captures it brilliantly, along with the feeling of regret for neglecting loved ones in the process, in his video for his latest single, “Stand Me.” Shot in a single take around 5 a.m. on the Venice pier, it’s the perfect pairing for the weary self-loathing in Ward’s voice as he sings, “So I’m askin’ how you stand me / And all my songs about all the ways that I regret all the things I wish I’d done… How do you stand me / When I twist and turn / And stay up every night just to make it work?” It’s a lovely ode to those selflessly supportive partners no matter what trade. As Ward rides the wave of the middle eight, dawn begins to break. Spin this for your better half today and give them a much-missed twirl.

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||| Live: Ward plays Molly Malone’s on July 20 with all proceeds donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Wino-Strut and Friends opens. Tickets

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