Video: Cuco, ‘Summertime Hightime’ (feat. J-Kwe$t)

Cuco (Photo by David Rodriguez/Suscato)
Cuco (Photo by David Rodriguez/Suscato)

“Summertime Hightime” comes from Cuco‘s latest EP, “Chiquito,” his third release since 2016 — alongside “Songs4u” and ““Wannabewithyou” — written, produced, mixed and mastered in Omar Banos’ bedroom at his parents’ house in Hawthorne, where he lives. Like his previous releases, “Chiquito” follows Banos on his search for love in every backyard party. Appropriately, this new Mu$ty Boyz-directed video captures Banos in such a scenario, singing about the drugs he’s on while he puts the moves on a block of wood, who basically ditches him for another block of wood. Guest rapper J-Kwe$t has equally bad luck, maybe worse, as tries his best with a real live girl … and her angry boyfriend.

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