Premiere: Oddnesse, ‘It Runs Wild’


Single by ethereal single, New Jersey-bred Rebeca Arango has shared her diary entries the past year and a half under the name Oddnesse, her collaboration with producer Grey Goon (Doug Walters). Besides its elegant comportment, Oddnesse’s dream-pop (eight songs so far) is imbued with a deep sense of intimacy and vulnerability — whether sequestered under a pair of headphones or driving alone on the open road, the listener is in on Arango’s secrets. And on the new single “It Runs Wild,” it’s her fear of fear.

“I am very afraid,” Arango says. “I avoid it. I’m afraid of what I don’t know. Even about myself. On the surface, thoughts run circles around each other kicking up dust. I find out there’s something sinister beneath. I’m afraid of what’s down there. I go hunting for it. I wake the beast. I run away.

“I imagine ‘It Runs Wild’ takes place in the house from ‘House of Leaves.’ A house is a piece of civilization. Your mind, the next frontier to be civilized. … They say [if you] meditate long enough, the floor will fall out. You won’t be running around in the dark anymore. You will be the dark. But that’s not really enough. I think you have to face the beast first. And you have to feel OK, just hanging there, in the dark.”

The single comes out on Friday.

||| Stream: “It Runs Wild”

||| Live: Oddnesse plays the Satellite tonight, along with Tangients and Sleuth Dogs. Tickets. Oddnesse is also performing Aug. 18 on the Buzz Bands LA Stage at Echo Park Rising.

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