Buzz Bands LA Show, today at noon on The Independent FM

The Independent FM

Join me at noon on The Independent FM for this week’s Buzz Bands LA Show, featuring new singles from Mellowdrone, Clara-Nova, Rostam, James Supercave, Smoke Season, Winnetka Bowling League, Creature Canyon, Sure Sure and Local Hero — along with tracks from fresh album releases by likes of Film School, Hooveriii and Jesika von Rabbit. Check out the playlist below, along with an archive of the show. Click here to tune in at noon.

Hooveriii, “Mercy”
Mellowdrone, “Let It Out”
Clara-Nova, “Cold Water”
Rostam, “In a River”
Freedom Fry, “Awake”
WILD, “Summer”
Film School, “Don’t Send My Love”
Allah-Las, “Autumn Dawn”
Cillie Barnes, “Mudslides”
Eleven Point Two, “Take Me”
James Supercave, “Come Alone”
FINNEAS, “College”
Jesika von Rabbit, “Children of the Dust”
Magic Bronson, “Night Owl”
Dead Sara, “Anybody”
Creature Canyon, “Take What You Want”
Nick Flessa, “Glendale”
Cheekface, “Glendale”
Adult Bodies, “Consumed by You”
The Marías, “Clueless”
Winnetka Bowling League, “Feeling California”
Milo Greene, “Be Good to Me”
Moon Honey, Mask Maker”
The Moth & the Flame, “Beautiful Couch”
Draemings, “Siamese Flame”
The Molochs, “Shadow of a Girl”
Death Valley Girls, “Disaster (Is What We’re After)”
Sextile, “Drop You”
Smoke Season, “Hot Damn”
Local Hero, “The Big Think”
Gold Star, “Chinatown”
Sure Sure, “Lie Lie Lie”
Night Shop, “The Ship Has Sailed”