Stream: Enola Fall, ‘London’

Enola Fall (Photo by Marian Blythe)
Enola Fall (Photo by Marian Blythe)

On their forthcoming album “Bloodhound,” Los Angeles-based Tasmanians Enola Fall cross more genre lines than a jaywalker does double-yellows. They soar in and out of post-punk, folk-rock, Britpop and, on their new single “London,” a bit of haunted glam — all with the emotional meter up in the red zone.

Principals Joe Nuttall (guitars, keys and banjo) and Mark Woodward (bass) have been in L.A. about a year now, gigging tirelessly and challenging locals on their Southern Hemisphere geography (to reach Tasmania, you fly to Melbourne, Australia and make a hard left). “London,” with its spine-tingling guitar progression, the ghostly choir in the background and high-register vocals (reminiscent of Suede), bursts with the rush of energy you get when you resolve to head for that new horizon.

“The song is a result of the amount of movement we’ve done over the past few years,” Nuttall explains. “Cities and different countries, gigs and encounters all kind of blur together, like a film reel. After a while you’re never quite sure where you are, or when.

“But certain things stick out from that blur and stay with you. The line ‘I never really got over you’ refers to moments that I haven’t been quite able to stop dwelling on. Some were incredibly amazing and illuminating (a Halloween in London, a pint in a bar in Minneapolis) and some stay with you for different reasons (a shooting at at a party in the [San Fernando] Valley). Some things get stuck with you.”

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