Video premiere: Anna Luisa, ‘Maintenance in Loving’

Anna Luisa

Anna Luisa Petrisko spreads her New Age pop gospel across music, performance art and analog video. She’s been conjuring sci-fi operas and experimental videos in art spaces across the land since 2008, in addition to releasing three LPs under her former moniker Jeepneys. Her latest album, “Green,” came out on Practical Records in August. Today, we’re premiering a most relaxing video for “Maintenance In Loving,” with guest vocals from Ana Roxanne, an L.A.-based artist known for sensitive ambient covers of iconic R&B jams.

While Roxanne’s presence in the song flutters soothingly among bird sounds and gently tropical, devotional mood-pop, the video also includes a cameo by a cute, stumpy corgi. As for the song, “’Maintenance in Loving’ is about patience, self-care, vulnerability and sweetness — a tender road map for self-love,” says Petrisko. “Because Ru Paul says it best: ‘If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?’” Petrisko shot Roxanne in her studio using green screen, then overlayed it onto analog visuals created with a vintage 1980s video mixer, a Tachyons Plus Opti-glitch, and found footage of sea animals. “I find pastels to be very healing and also very powerful,” she adds, “like diving inside of a crystal, and that’s exactly how this video feels to me.”

Right now, Anna Luisa is an artist-in-residence at the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and holds the MAP Fund grant for her next opera, “Generation Space,” set to hit the stage in 2019. This month she’s embarking on a West Coast tour with Xina Xurner, which they’re calling The Royal Hearts Tour, and its goal is to “deliver a message of transformation, rebirth, and renewal for this antagonistic and fatiguing political climate,” and yes, we need that.

||| Watch: “Maintenance In Loving”

||| Live: Anna Luisa plays October 15 at Ace Hotel Rooftop with Xina Xurner and Julius Smack.