Ears Wide Open: More Giraffes

more giraffes
More Giraffes

More Girafffes are Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford, who create pop designed for today’s attention span. It’s silly but clever, a bit weird and sticky, sort of like gum that seems to expand in the mouth and ends up in your hair, and then you want more. The “Not Cool” video includes lots of comfy pajamas, a lonesome trip to the supermarket and eating in front of the TV, making it a modern love story. The song appears on the duo’s debut EP, “It Was a Joke,” coming out Nov. 9.

Explaining “Not Cool,” the band says, “The message is that it’s ok to be not cool, and we’ve all been there at some point or another.” Those snugly dinosaur pajamas look pretty cool, though. “Dinosaurs are a theme for us, the mark of an antihero, and so we used dinosaur onesies as a metaphor for being down in the dumps and wearing your depression on your sleeve in this video. The main character thinks she’s alone but actually we’re all dinosaurs.” This is very true, and so More Giraffes speak to reality.

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