Premiere: Will Fox, ‘Bygones’

Will Fox
Will Fox


Will Fox is a Houston-born troubadour who was reared in London, Paris and Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. The L.A.-based singer-songwriter — formerly of the band Los Angeles Police Department — is dropping his debut EP “Cosmic Dusting” on Friday. The four-song EP recalls in some ways the music of LAPD (mostly “The Days”), but Fox takes more from the psychedelic-folk tradition, creating a sound of his own.

“Bygones” begins with Nick Drake-esque guitar picking and crescendos into a Fleet Foxes-inspired breakdown. His voice sounds eerily like Elliott Smith at times, and the lyrics paint a picture of an inescapable, trippy moment stuck in his mind. He talks of unnamed dancing woman that gives him an unknown substance that evokes the image of a purple orchid in her drink and the smell of rain on her sleeves. In all, this track is cosmic folk escapism at its finest.

“Cosmic Dusting,” which was produced by Tyler Karmen and Brendan Lynch-Salamon and features contributions from Greta Morgan (Springtime Carnivore) and Tim Keen (Ought), will be out via Brooklyn’s Twosyllable Records.

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