Video: Paige Stark, ‘Albatross’

Paige Stark

Tashaki Miyaki’s Paige Stark has been working on a solo project during spare time over the past three years with engineer Cassidy Turbin (Beck) and Jon Brion. Stepping out from behind the drum kit where she usually resides, Stark wrote most of the album on piano, with different players joining her from track to track. The full-length will be released in spring of 2019, but songs will trickle out in the meantime, the first of which is “Albatross.” Setting the mood with unhurried electronic drums, Stark soon joins in accompanied by several guitars and eventually synths that all sink into the soft memory foam mattress of Stark’s voice. A song about loss and looking for meaning in the enigma of time, the melancholic message gets a cute boost from the “Albatross” music video, directed by Charlotte Lindén Ercoli (aka Charles), which captures Stark on a dancing extravaganza in the park with some willing strangers.

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