Stream: Harriet Brown, ‘Man’

Harriet Brown (photo by Tammy Nguyen)

On his latest single, Aaron Valenzuela, aka Harriet Brown, contends with what it means to be a “Man.” For him that means embracing his insecurities and coming to terms with male privilege. “As a man, I catch myself always trying to explain away my actions, to reason that my intentions are good, always trying to deny this inherent ‘man-ness’ that lives within myself,” Valenzuela posted on Instagram. “This privilege lives in all of us men, and this song is about learning how to stop denying its existence and instead learning how to acknowledge, identify and reject the evil man inside.” Valenzuela takes a smooth, buttery approach to battling his demons. It’s likely they’ll be persuaded to chill out and abide by the gentle persuasion of “Man.” Self-awareness and a balance of checking yourself while embracing who you are seems to be a pervasive theme on the new album, as evidenced by his previous single, “Shower Up, Saddle Up,” an upbeat motivational funk track that Valenzuela wrote as a reminder to “Take a break from your paranoid self-reflection and dance.”

Brown’s next record, “Mall Of Fortune,” comes out via Innovative Leisure in February of 2019.

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