Video premiere: TIEG, ‘Lovelight’ (feat. Shelby Lindley)


TIEG is the nine-piece orchestral folk band helmed by Tieg Johnson, the onetime teenage guitar prodigy who has played in the bands Canon and Shelby, Tieg & Tara, worked as a session and touring musician and played and composed for film and television. Formed in 2018, the new ensemble includes the female sirens from his former trio, Shelby Lindley and Tara Louise, along with a host of players with long resum├ęs in session and orchestra work.

“Lovelight” is the third single from the band of Johnson, Lindley and Louise, along with Shannon Canchola (flute), Robbie McCarthy (woodwinds), Chris Rolontz (double bass), Yu-Ting Wu (violin), Seana Thompson (cello) and Gabriel Grinta (drums). The heart-rending breakup ballad starts as a simple acoustic guitar number before dissolving into a string-accented duet worthy of the end credits of a really sad movie. “Here’s where we promise to forget,” Johnson sings, closing the book on a relationship.

The video for the song is a simple but evocative affair: Johnson and Lindley in opposite panels, he singing the song towards her. And the things you learn while making a video: “It turns out that my bandmate can cry on command, which was a surprise,” Johnson says. “One take too!”

||| Watch: The video for “Lovelight”

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