Buzz Bands LA Show, today at noon on The Independent FM

The Independent FM

Join me at noon on The Independent FM for this week’s Buzz Bands LA Show, featuring new music from Sofia Bolt, Crane Like the Bird, BOND, Psychic Love, Human Barbie and the Flusters, along with jams from some of the artists crowding our upcoming concert calendar, like Laura Jean Anderson, Gothic Tropic, Talker, Criminal Hygiene, WARGIRL, Opus Vitae and Bizou. Click here to stream the show at noon; find the playlist and an archive below.

Sofia Bolt, “Get Out of My Head”
Gothic Tropic, “Your Soul”
BOND, “Body”
YESES, “Long Way Home”
The Pretty Flowers, “Cream of Canvas”
The Flusters, “Time Traveler”
Laura Jean Anderson, “Silence Won’t Help Me Now”
Jasper Bones, “Soulkeeper”
Talker, “Collateral Damage”
Zealyn, “Enjoy Your Holiday”
Criminal Hygiene, “Hardly News”
WARGIRL, “Poison”
Liv Slingerland, “Bad Dreams”
Magic Bronson, “Drive”
CATSIGNS, “Smoke in the Clouds”
LEAN, “Head in the Clouds”
JR Slayer, “5 AM”
Cape Weather, “Big Time”
Opus Vitae, “The Fall”
Dominique Pruitt, “High in the Valley”
Human Barbie, “Nineten80”
Charlie Hickey, “Waiting Games”
Phoebe Bridgers, “Christmas Song” (feat. Jackson Browne)
Aloe Blacc, “The Mrs. Saved Christmas”
Sofa City Sweetheart, “Stop the Thinking”
Lens Mozer, “I Wanna Love You”
Crane Like the Bird, “Nicole” (feat. Ben Bridwell)
Psychic Love, “One-Two”
Bizou, “Superstition”
Internet Trash, “Eat Me Alive”
Honey Child, “Our Last Goodbye”