Ears Wide Open: HighSchool Jacob

Highschool Jacob
Highschool Jacob

Since releasing his R&B and Depeche Mode-infused “EP” a couple years ago, bi-coastal New York/L.A. synthpop musician/producer Jacob Masters, aka HighSchool Jacob, has teased six singles with further influences as varied as Orchestral Maneuvers of the Dark (OMD) and Backstreet Boys. Listeners may expect bright and happy Vince Clarke-influenced synths on his latest, “Can’t Get Enough.” Instead, Masters throws the shift into 5th gear and opts for a full-band sound with live (or very well emulated) drums, Nile Rodgers-flecked guitar flourishes and Daft Punk-ish filtered synths over steady keys paving a smooth road throughout the journey. Engineered by Connor Schon, mixed by Andi Inadomi and mastered by Carl Saff, “Can’t Get Enough,” is about having a yen for someone and just not being able to shake it off. Singing, “Pretending like you’re delicate has never worked out / You always take me out of context and accuse me of doubt / I can’t believe you think I’m not into you / Oh my God, stop asking if there’s anything you can do,” Masters assures the eye of his affections that they don’t have to overthink things. They’re already enough, and he can’t help but want more.

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